Boedie Cycles

Hours (may 1 - Sept. 30): OPEN 9-5              Address: 

CLOSED SUNDAY AND MONDAY                        845 B Wisconsin Avenue

Off Season: By Appt only                               Whitefish, MT

Below are a few answers to some more frequently asked questions:T

+ What kind of bikes do you build?  A good way to answer that question is by looking at my flickr, instagram, or facebook page. I build alot of mountain bikes, road bikes, dirt road bikes, and cruisers. 

+ Do you paint your frames?  No, I do not. I have chosen to use Dark Matter Finishing, a professional bicycle painter who does top notch finish work. Frame finish is very important in both the longevity and appearance of the bike and a dedicated professional in this field can achieve that much better than I can. 

+ Can I use some of my old parts on the new bike?  Sure, as long as I have those parts in hand and can attest to their quality and build to the appropriate tolerances. 

+ Can I come watch you build my frame?  No, I would rather not have an audience while I'm building your frame. I have a hard time scratching my belly and patting my head at the same time. 

+ How much can I be involved in the decision making on certain details?  I like to include the customer as much as possible on certain details on the build. I also hope you have chosen me to build your bike because you appreciate my judgement and design sense. 

+ Is my deposit refundable?  Unfortunately, no. Once I have received your deposit, I more than likely have already started purchasing materials and have spent hours designing your frame. 

+ Can I stop by and visit your frame shop?  Sure, just give me a heads up and make sure you bring some beer.

+ What's included in your frame price?  A one color paint finish, logo masked onto down tube, a handmade logo on the seat tube, a cast head badge, external cables and brake hose mounts, and a reasonable amount of rack/fender mounts. 

+ Do you build trikes or tandems?  No, I am a firm believer in "Know what you know, and know what you don't know." I know how to build bicycles and my tooling is set up that way. There are many other companies out there that build these. Google is your friend.

+ Why don't you give a lifetime warranty on your frames?  Nothing lasts forever. I figure 5 years is long enough to tell if the materials or workmanship are defective. 

+ What kind of joining method(s) do you use?  Currently I fillet braze my bicycles. Fillet brazing is a time proven method of building steel bikes, motorcycles and airplanes. It is how I learned to build bikes and I like the smooth appearance and transition of the joints. Brazing is when you use a different material, like brass or silver to join two similar metals. Brazing occurs at much lower temperatures than welding and doesn't truly melt the two parent materials. Some argue that this is a benefit of brazing. 

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